Open positions

I am interested in supervising PhD/MSc students and hosting postdoctoral researchers in the area of:

  • Quantum material growth (Colloidal and thin-film)
  • Microstructure analysis (TEM, SEM, STEM, FIB)
  • Charge dynamics and interface simulation (DFT and MD)
  • Energy conversion and storage (quantum dot solar cells, supercapacitors, lithium batteries and photoelectrochemistry)
  • Optoelectronics applications (LED, Photodetector, Image sensor, Semiconductor Laser and Optical Communication)

If you are interested in joining my research group as a postdoctoral researcher, postgraduate student or for an undergraduate internship, please contact me directly at  My group also supports funding applications for outstanding PhD or postdoctoral candidates. Please also contact me for further details for these opportunities.

MSc Funding opportunities:

Funded Compound Semiconductor Physics (MSc)

PhD Funding opportunities:

Postdoctoral funding opportunities: