Principal Investigator

Dr Bo Hou is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University. He received his PhD degree from the University of Bristol (2010–2014) and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford (2014–2018, Wolfson College) and as a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge (2018-2020, St Edmund’s College).





Lab manager

Dr Aisling Stewart (July 2023-Present)

PhD in Physics Chemistry, Heriot-Watt University, UK

My name is Aisling Stewart. I am originally from Portsmouth. I trained as a chemist and did my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, specialising in gas-phase collisions, before moving to Wales. I enjoy walking, ice skating, and learning languages in my spare time.




Postdoctoral research associate

Dr Louis Renjun Liu (Feb 2023-Present)

EPSRC Funded

PhD in applied physics and materials engineering, University of Macau, Macau

Master in microelectronics and solid-state electronics, Jilin University, China




Dr Chandra Kant (Oct 2023-Present)

Leverhulme Trust funded

PhD in Material Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India

Master of Technology from the Department of Physics, Indian Institute Technology (IIT), Delhi, India




PhD students

Diyar Mousa Othman (Oct 2020-Present)

Project title: Integrated Colloidal Quantum Dot (QD) smart optoelectronic devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). 

External-supervisor: Prof. Julia A. Weinstein (University of Sheffield)

My name is Diyar Mousa Othman. I am from Cyprus and I graduated with a BSc in Physics from the University of Manchester in 2020. My dissertation was on the Future of Energy. In my summer break after second year, I did a summer internship at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

Funder: EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing and Huawei Cambridge


1. Diyar Mousa Othman, et. al., “Photonics Design Theory Enhancing Light Extraction Efficiency in Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes”, JPhys Materials 2022, 

2. Diyar Mousa Othman, et. al., “Solution-Processed Colloidal Quantum Dots for Internet of Things”, Nanoscale 2024,



Alexander Osypiw (Oct 2021-Present)

Project title: Colloidal Quantum Dots for Visible-Light Communications

Second supervisor: Prof. Peter M Smowton

Third supervisor: Dr Stefano Leoni (School of Chemistry)

My name is Alexander Osypiw. I have achieved a Master degree in Physics at Aberystwyth University. I have done projects on quantum chemistry calculations for laser cooling molecules and radiation dose-dependent infrared photoluminescence of feldspar. 



  1. Alexander R. C. Osypiw et al., Solution-processed colloidal quantum dots for light emissionMater. Adv., 2022,3, 6773-6790. 

Munerah Almajed (Oct 2021-Present)

Project title: Compound semiconductors for Emerging Transparent Photovoltaics

Second supervisor: Prof. Gao Min (School of Engineering)

My name is Munerah Amajed, I achieved a bachelor’s degree in Physics at Qassim University. This was followed by a physics Master’s degree obtained from Cardiff University. By undertaking these studies, I have acquired extensive knowledge about the emerging areas of research in physics. In addition, An area of particular interest to me is compound semiconductor and optoelectronics applications. As a result of my studies to date, I already have a good grasp of this domain, but I anticipate that undertaking a PhD in physics would help me to pursue my interests further. 

Funder: Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia


William Solari (Oct 2022-Present)

Project title: Inkjet-printed Filter-less narrowband colloidal Quantum Dot photodetectors and image sensors

Second supervisor: Prof. Peter M Smowton

My name is William Solari. I received a master’s degree in Physics from the University of Bath. My master’s project was on the electrodeposition of 2D materials, in particular MoS2. In my spare time, I like to do archery and music, and I also enjoy cinematography.



Kiran Sushil (Oct 2022-Present)

Project title: QD transistors and matrix arrays for wafer scale integration

External-supervisor: Prof. Julia A. Weinstein (University of Sheffield)

My name is Kiran Sushil, and I come from London. I graduated from the University of Lancaster with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and am now conducting a research project into the wafer-scale integration of QD transistor devices. I have a great interest in computing and processors, as well as an extended interest in solar energy solutions and development. My other interests involve guitar, basketball and tennis.

Funder: EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing and Lumentum UK 


Hong Ji (Oct 2023-Present)

Project title: Colloidal Quantum Dots Photovoltaic Light-Emitting Field-Effect Transistors

Second supervisor: Prof. Peter M Smowton

My name is Hong Ji. I am from China and graduated with a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Liverpool in 2020. I attended the University of Warwick for my MSc program, then joined Durham University for my MRes program.


Funder: Leverhulme Trust


Dadimuni De Silva (June 2023 – Present)

My name is Dadimuni De Silva, I am a DPhil student at the University of Cambridge. My research on performance enhancement of hybrid photovoltaics and I am co-supervised by Prof Gehan Amaratunga (University of Cambridge) and Dr Bo Hou (Cardiff University). At Cardiff, my research work focuses on quantum dot synthesis and hybrid solar cell device fabrications and characterisations.

Funder: EPSRC


Anirudha Bansal (Oct 2023-Present)

Project title: Quantum Efficiency Metrology of Solution-Processed Quantum Dot Optoelectronics
Second Supervisor: Professor Wolfgang Langbein
External Supervisor: Dr Nathaniel J. Huáng (National Physics Laboratory)
My name is Anirudh Bansal. I completed my undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics at Lancaster University. I attended Imperial College London to study Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces (MSc), where my dissertation looked at the use of Non-Abelian anyons in Topological Quantum Computing. Outside of physics, I am a regular competitor on the university and open circuit of Ballroom and Latin Dancing as well as making BUCS appearances for Pool and Snooker.
Serena Nor Erkizan (Oct 2023-Present)
Project title: Developing surfAce enhaNCEd infrared absorption photonics Quantum Devices for multiple vibrational modes imaging (DANCE-QD)
Second supervisor: Prof. Peter M Smowton
She holds BSc and MSc degrees in Physics from Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Turkey) specialising in Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. During her MSc research, she studied highly sensitive SERS substrates produced by femtosecond laser writing and metal-assisted chemical etching. 
Sri Datta Aneesh (Oct 2023-Present )
Project title: QD light emitting transistors for efficient wavelength division multiplexing
Hello. My name is Sri Datta Aneesh and I am from Hyderabad, India. I did my undergraduate degree in electronics and communication engineering, and I also did a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Bristol.
I will be working on developing quantum dot light-emitting transistors for enhanced wavelength division multiplexing. I would like to see myself in the roles that drive innovation and research in the future.
Beyond research, my cherished interests lie in classical music, painting, reading nonfiction, and travel. Looking forward to all the learnings ahead.




Nasser Olayan M Alhazmi (Jan 2022-Present)

Project title: Understanding carrier dynamics in CuInZnS3 quantum dots toward high-performance indoor photovoltaics

Lead supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Langbein


Funder: Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia




Luri Wan (Oct 2023-Present)

Project title: Nanoscale Biosensing with Nonlinear Optical Microscopy

Lead supervisor: Prof. Paola Borri

Co-supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Langbein



Funder: Cardiff-CSC


Mart Wecyk

Mart Wecyk (Oct 2023-Present)

Project title: Heavy-metal-free colloidal quantum wells as efficient and spectrally narrow emitters for displays, biomarkers and single photon sources

Lead supervisor: Dr Francesco Masia

Co-supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Langbein

Co-supervisor: Prof. Paola Borri




Master and Project students

Anup Grewal (2023-)
Faizah Sughayyir N Almutairi (2023-)

Undergraduate students

Cameron Richard Bradley (2023-)

Ethan Robert Atkins (2023-)

Oisin Lludd Pennant (2023-)

Harri Joseph Davies (2023-)

Emma Sarling (2022-)

Shahdad Saharkhiz (2022-)

Phoebe Samantha Rozee (2022-)

Elis Anthony Pitcher (2021-)

Evan Eldridge (2021-)


Hao Chen Cheng (Nov 2023-May 2024)
My name is Hao Chen Cheng. I come from Taiwan. I am a postgraduate student working on quantum dot devices with spin manipulation. I am co-supervised by Prof Gehan Amaratunga (University of Cambridge, Zhe Jiang University) and Dr Bo Hou (Cardiff University).





Amelia Jane Bowe (Bachelor of Physics2020-2023)

Ioan Benjamin Jones (Bachelor of Physics2020-2023)

Molly Charlotte Cross (Bachelor of Physics2020-2023)

Noah Frederick Dodson (2021-2023)

Jonny Varley (Bachelor of Physics, 2022-2023) 

Joel Alexander James (Bachelor of Physics, 2022-2023)

Matt Almond (Master of Physics, 2022-2023)

Harry Horniman (Master of Physics, 2022-2023)

Benxuan Li (academic visitor, 2020-2023)

Shijie Zhan (academic visitor, 2020-2021)

Archibald Khan Atabey (2020-2022)

Farhana Akter (Oct 2021- Oct 2022)

Xiaoyu Wen (Oct 2021-Oct 2023)

Weitong Yue (Master of Science, 2021-2022)

Rui Zheng (Master of Science, 2021-2022)

Thomas Andrew Laws (Bachelor of Physics, 2021-2022)

Catrin Lines (Bachelor of Physics, 2020-2021)

Rhys Harmour (Bachelor of Physics, 2020-2021)

Oliver Sowden (Bachelor of Physics, 2020-2021)

Oskar Money-Kyrl (Master of Physics, 2020-2021)