Hou Group lab facilities

Absolute PL quantum yield analysis system-powder, liquid and thin-film
LED EQE analysis system (QD LEDs, Perovskite LEDs, OLEDs, Micro-LEDs and lasers)
Semi-auto probe station including cryo-stage, Vacuum/Ar/N2/O2 chamber and Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer
Solar cell EQE/IQE system (250-1800 nm), combined with cooling pad and class AAA solar simulator
N2-filled dual-glove box for oxygen/moisture-free materials and device processing
Thermal evaporator for Cu and Au electrode deposition
High-speed centrifuge (10,000 rpm) for quantum dot purification
Vacuum oven for materials and device processing
Inkjet printer for printable microelectronics and photonics (pixel size <1um).
Gamry electrochemical workstation-CV, LSV, Impedance
Autolab electrochemical workstation-high voltage CV, LSV, Impedance
Autolab electrochemical workstation: batteries, capacitors, electrodeposition, hydrogen generation and physical electrochemistry
Optical microscope and four-point probe
Angular-resolved UV-vis-NIR absorption, reflection and transmission spectrometer
DI water generator and Ozone plasma cleaner
Schlenk Line for colloidal quantum dot (II-VI, III-V) and metal oxide growth
Glove-box integrated sputter system for dielectric materials and metal electrode deposition.
Glove-box integrated thermal evaporator system for organic materials and metal electrode deposition.